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Dehydrating lentil curry for backpacking

After dehydrating steel-cut oats, I tried dehydrating a lentil curry to take on an overnight backpacking trip. The recipe comes from the website "Rainbow Plant Life": Vegan red lentil curry. It's a great dish but contains a lot of fats including coconut milk and almond butter. I left out the almond butter to make the result a bit more amenable to dehydration. Below is a picture of the curry spread about 1/8-1/4 inch thick onto parchment paper on a dehydrator tray. It took longer than expected to dehydrate; about 16-20 hours. Next time, I'll use crushed instead of diced tomato to homogenize the curry a bit. And, I'll plan to remove the parchment paper as soon as possible to speed up dehydration. I packed the result in vacuum sealed plastic and froze until just before the trip. On the trail, I rehydrated the curry by covering the crumbles with water and heating to boil for about 5 min. It rehydrated very well and was delicious.

Lentil curry spread thinly on parchment paper on dehydrator tray.