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  • A tty Connection Patch

    This patch adds a tty connection to R. The tty connection is an interface to POSIX terminals, including purely software terminals, and those that connect to hardware, such as a serial port. Details of the POSIX terminal, as implemented by the GNU C library are found in the Low-Level Terminal Interface chapter (chapter 17) of the GNU libc manual, and the termios.h header file.

    The files above are named according to the version of R that they patch. Because the tty connection depends on the termios.h header file, it is necessary to patch the autoconf configuration file Hence, before the patched code may be compiled, it is necessary to regenerate the configure script using autoconf. Patch files without the +conf string in their name only patch the file. Those with the +conf string include the patched configure script.

    The following shell typescript illustrates the simplest means to apply the patch and compile the patched R source in a Linux environment, assuming the normal R build requirements are met:

    tar -xvzf R-2.13.1.tar.gz
    cd R-2.13.1
    patch -p1 < R-2.13.1-tty+conf.patch
    ./configure && make
  • Packages

    • sas7bdatAn experimental SAS database reader. Also on GitHub.
    • profdpm: An R package to accompany my dissertation.
  • Miscellaneous Scripts

AVR ATmega168 Code