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4.1 R Functions

The following (possibly not comprehensive) list contains R functions from the recommended R packages that are either directly or indirectly related to connections: bzfile, cat, clearPushBack, close, dget, dput, dump, fifo, flush, getAllConnections, getConnection, gzcon, gzfile, isatty, isIncomplete, isOpen, isSeekable, load, memCompress, memDecompress, open, parse, pipe, pushBack, pushBackLength, rawConnection, rawConnectionValue, readBin, readChar, read.csv, read.csv2, read.delim, read.delim2, readLines, read.table, save, scan, seek, sink, sink.number, socketConnection, sockSelect, source, stderr, stdin, stdout, summary.connection, textConnection, textConnectionValue, truncate, unz, unzip, url, write, writeBin, writeChar, writeLines, xzfile.